Why Stackable Rings Are So Popular

Why Stackable Rings Are So Popular


The stackable ring a new trend, but they’ve recently had a bit of a renaissance. From major celebrity style moments to influencer support, stack rings are officially in. However, this isn’t the first time stack rings captured the public attention.

With roots that go back hundreds of years and different uses—from wedding rituals to our favorite fashions—many people ask why the stackable ring is so popular. If you’re ready to buy a ring set, but you want to make sure you’re not chasing the stackable ring trend, here’s what you need to know about these stylish accessories.

The Stackable Ring Emphasizes Maximalism.

While a minimalistic look never goes out of style, there’s something to be said of the stackable ring’s maximalism. Though Coco Chanel might not have understood the stackable rings trend, it speaks to burgeoning fashionistas that believe the saying “More is more.” On one finger, you can stack sterling silver, gold rings, and platinum bands until your hands are glistening. Or, you can pick out bejeweled pieces that glitter with every wave of your fingers. In general terms, the stackable ring is meant to draw attention, and draw attention it does.

A current trend fuses modern rings with vintage pieces to create a pull between the old and new. The contrast of two distinct styles creates intrigue and draws attention to the hand. All you have to do is browse stackable ring hashtags on Instagram to see hundreds (if not thousands) of hand selfies. If you believe in maximalist fashion and want an accessory pairing that draws the eye, the stackable ring is for you.

A Stackable Ring Can Symbolize Everlasting Love.

Outside of modern influencer fashion trends, many people appreciate the stackable ring because of the underlying sentiment. For centuries, different cultures used these rings to symbolize love. Many countries incorporated them into their marriage rituals, and some ring combinations even have cultural implications. Because of this, the stackable ring is an amazing way to tell a bit of your personal narrative through your jewelry choices.

For many newlywed couples, stackable eternity rings are best sellers. Many stacking rings feature small motifs like hearts and flowers, as well. If you’re a romantic at heart, stackable wedding rings are a great choice to symbolize your everlasting love for your partner.

The Right Rings Can Make your Entire Outfit Pop.



Whether you’re looking for a ring set that draws attention to your hands or you want a sterling silver set that’ll contrast with your wardrobe, you can use the stackable ring to complete your outfit. Pair a ring set with a floor-length dress, strappy sandals, and a denim jacket for the perfect boho-chic look. You can even use a ring set on your wedding day.

Start by wearing your engagement ring and another sterling silver motif ring. Leave room on your finger for your actual wedding band. Then, by the end of the day, when you place the ring on your finger, the look will be perfectly complete.

Ring sets are a great way to experiment with your style and try completely different looks. If you want your outfit to pop and truly stand out, see if you can pick a ring set that will help you push or pull focus as needed. The right rings can go from a formal office setting to a night out on the town with the right combinations.

If you’re not following the stackable ring trend, you should. Not only does it give you greater creative control over your looks, but it also gives you more opportunities to express yourself boldly and loudly. Though some trends come and go, we hope this one sticks around for a long time.